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Weight Loss Clinic

The Khuba Weight Loss Clinic

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

—  Albert Einstein

Dieting doesn't work long term, this is a fact. If you have tried dieting for years and years and still haven't achieved the desired results it's time for a new approach. I was on that treadmill (pardon the pun) for many years too and that's why I developed this new approach to weight loss and fitness. I will focus on: 

  • Using hypnosis to focus the mind  and eradicate cravings and addictions to certain foods like sugar, chocolate, bread or alcohol.  
  • Using hypnosis to create motivation to exercise and get fit. 
  • As a trained personal trainer (level 3 qualification), I will write you a personal training plan with activities that you enjoy. 
  • Test for food intolerances and write you a nutrition plan (nutrition advisor level 5 qualification) . 
  • Use coaching to understand the dynamics of your eating, behaviour and beliefs towards food and teach you metaphysical techniques to 'manifest' your desired body.
  • Study your epigenetics to understand how your environment is affecting your weight and body functions.  

The programme includes: 

  • Initial consultation
  • 3 Sessions of hypnosis
  • Food intolerance test
  • Nutrition plan 
  • Training plan with 3 sessions of personal one to one training
  • 3 coaching session on manifestation
  • Accountability for 3 months, constantly pushing you to reach your goals. 
  • Epigenetic & lifestyle coaching session to improve overall health
  • 3 month consultation session

Cost £1599.00

This programme is perfect for anyone wanting to loose weight and/or experiencing health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions or other illnesses.