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Unedited messages from my clients.......

"I had been suffering from chronic IBS for over 3 years and nothing the doctors gave me worked. I came to see Beverley for 1 session of healing and the IBS has cleared up completely. I have no idea what she did in the session but I'm pain free and getting on with my life, she is a miracle worker!"  - Tracey U.K.

"I wanted to drop you a message to say since my treatment with you I have had no pain in my ankle, 2 years I was in agony and its just disappeared! Thank you so much" - Andrea U.K.

"Dear Beverley, about 10 days ago you gave me the most detailed and brilliant reading for which I am most grateful. I have had many readings over the years but this is the one that resonated with me the most - thank you, you really are excellent"  - Diana

"Hi Beverley, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the consultation last absolutely blew me away. You ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you again".  - Agneta, Sweden

"I am so grateful for the sessions with Beverley. First, I did the reading and I felt amazed by the way she described my life and my future. She helped me, guiding me which path to take and what makes my soul happy. I told all my friends, they did the reading too and was amazed. Besides, I did several coaching sessions as I struggled with eating disorders for 8 years. I spent years wondering why I did what I did - Beverley  gave me so much clarity. Every cell in my being resonated with what she said and I feel I have been healed. I feel free, this woman is amazing!" - Kirsten, Netherlands

"After Christies sent me home to die with stage four cancer in 3 areas, I felt completely hopeless. A friend passed on Beverley 's details to me and I decided I didn't have anything to lose. Beverley  told me she couldn't promise me any particular outcome and I understood that. I had 6 sessions of healing with her, before going for my next check up to see how far the cancer had spread. Instead of telling me how far the cancer had spread, they told me they couldn't find any cancer cells in my body. I can't even write here the emotions I felt. That was 8 years ago and today I am cancer free. Beverley is nothing less that a miracle worker".  - Jo, U.K. 

"Amazing! I went to see Beverley  just 4 months after my Dad had died in hope that  somehow I would be able to make sense of what had happened. I remember sitting there arms folded and legs crossed and truthfully not knowing what to expect. The first message that came through was my Dad. I didn't give any details beforehand yet the information Max gave to me was exact and was so detailed that only myself or close family would know. I left feeling somewhat eased and contented that he had contacted me. Twelve months on, I still have bad days but I feel better just knowing he may be there if I want him. Thanks Beverley " - Liz

"I just wanted to say thank you for the reading Beverley , I was over joyed to hear from my husband who died in October last year. I was in no doubt with the details you gave me that you were making contact with him, and its put my mind at rest that he's safe and at peace. I can't thank you enough." Brenda, Urmston

"The reading was fantastic and i liked the  fact that Beverley  was not bothered how long the reading took.  I will definitely be back for another" Claire, Cheshire

"Absolutely Amazing!" Carl, Altrincham

"I was totally compelled by what you said to me and the past lives you mentions were so fitting and helped me to understand so many things in my current life!" Amber, Hale

"When I came to see you over a year ago, I was in a very dark place. The reading gave me hope and the advice you gave me at the end about asking the angels for help and support has really helped me.  Thank you so much, I am now on a very different path and slowly starting to enjoy life again. I will definitely be back to see you."  Julie, Bath

"I came to see you because I felt that my Gran was trying to send me a message, which you confirmed and accurately passed on. I was also very pleased with the rest of the reading and will come to see you again if I am visiting the UK in the future" Jon, France

"I had a course of 10 sessions of life coaching with Beverley . At first I thought it was expensive and was a bit reluctant to pay so much in case I didn't learn anything. I needn't have worried though; having suffered from an illness which left me house-bound and depressed and the death of my father I was feeling extremely low. The technique's Beverley showed me have helped me so much and there are so many simply things now that I can do if the old feelings of depression start to creep up on me.  How can I ever thank you - you saved my life!" Joy, Cheshire