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Khuba Pain Clinic

Pain Clinic

There is an alternative to pain killers and pain management. I offer healing solutions to conditions that have been given names such as: ‘long term’, ‘auto-immune’ and ‘terminal’. I encourage patients to seek an alternative mindset and believe that illness can be cured, and pain doesn’t have to be managed.

I work on various levels of both physicality and consciousness to heal and manipulate tissue which are creating imbalances. Illness is created from a combination of multi-layered emotional trauma, pathology and ancestral and karmic debts, in addition to injury and/or lack of maintenance due to abuse, bad nutrition and unhealthy habits. Investigation and psychic surgery enable transformational healing at a molecular and cellular level.

I will work with my clients on a psychological and emotional level, offer advice about healthy living and nutrition and complete hands-on healing under the expert guidance of those in other dimensions (my guides, my patients guides’ and specialists who visit for specific cases).

I will not turn anyone away and seek to give my best to all persons who walk through my door with an open heart and mind. Ultimately, all patients will receive love during sessions. 

To date, I have successfully treated conditions such as:

  • Muscle Pain, Joint Pain & Injury
  • Nerve Damage
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism and Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Lyme Disease
  • IBS, Liver and Kidney Problems
  • Endocrine System Imbalances
  • Limbic System Issues
  • Post and Pre-Op Healing
  • Maternity, Fertility & Menopause

Can Khuba Healing Work Along Side Traditional Medicine?

Of course! I do not discourage any of my patients to discontinue with any other treatments which are showing positive results.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure - Health Booster Session £65.00

Why wait until something goes wrong in the body? I encourage everyone to invest in their health before they encounter illness. It may be helpful to have regular sessions once a month in order to maintain good health in the mind and body.

Healing Sessions for Pain or Illness  £ 100.00 and can last 2 hours

Immune Booster Session £65.00 1 hour (recommended  weekly)

Health Blaster Session with Chakra Cleanse  £65.00 1 hour (recommended once per month)