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GreenBay are an Independent London Start-Up with a passion for making a plant-based & vegan lifestyle easy and accessible to everyone. 

Funded in 2015, GreenBay is on a mission to change the world: we want to make vegan the new normal by providing an easy and convenient way to shop.

Imagine walking into a store or visiting an online supermarket to do your shopping, knowing that every single item available is vegan. 

From vegan meats to a selection of over 90 dairy-free cheeses, hard to find & exclusive items, cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaning supplies, our store (both physical & online) offers everything you’d expect to find in a conventional supermarket. So whether you're vegan, plant-based, plant-curious or simply looking for better alternatives to animal products, we're ready to help.

With Free Next Day UK-Wide delivery available, wherever you are based in the UK you will be able to access our entire range of vegan goodies, and we even offer carbon-neutral delivery so you can have your cake and eat it - vegan, of course



Quality Blue Screen Protectors for PC's, Laptops & Mobile phones

It all started with a dissertation… which led to a research project… which led to the products we sell today.

Since then, Dhruvin has qualified as an optometrist and won over 81,920 customers. That’s 163,840 healthier, happier, better-sleeping eyes.

Protects Your Home Against EMF & Much More...

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Somavedic comes highly recommended, I use the Ruby model in my healing room and the Atlantik model in my kitchen to restructure water. Somavedic can: 

  • Protect against EMF in your home
  • Reduce geopathic smog
  • Kill mold, bacteria and parasites 
  • Restructure water

The Very Best Vegan Protein Powders & Supplements For Fitness & An Active Lifestyle, click photo to visit website. 

Myvegan grew from a desire to make natural, plant- based products that taste amazing and power up everyone, everyday. After all, if you choose to be more mindful about how your diet affects your health and the planet, we want to reward that choice with high quality, healthy and exceptionally tasty products. All in all, we believe in cutting animal products out of your diet, not cutting out taste. 

Myvegan sell powders, vitamins & minerals, superfood powders, vegan snack and protein bars, shakes and more. Natural, organic and full of flavour. 

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